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Sispharadalus was a Orren King. He boasted he was better at weaving than the Goddess Lybra, and better at flying across the sky than Eto, the Sun God, and that he had so cleverness, he could avoid death. Lybra, Eto, and Sphin accepted his challenge.

First, he tried to weave. He messed it up. Lybra said that she would give him his punishment after.

“Punished Dent?” he said.

Next, he raced the Sun, Eto. But Eto said, “Come closer to me! Then you have more chance of winning!”

Sispharadalus was puzzled why Eto was helping him, but he did. The sun was so hot, Sispharadalus’s feathers burned off, making him plunge from a great height and die.

When he got to the Underworld, Sphin decided to eat him, but Sispharadalus told Sphin, “I’ll go up back to my body and get you some Ssuger (a type of sour sprinkle in Orr).”

So Sphin let him.

“Aha! I’ve won ONE part of the challenge!” he said. “I’ve escaped Death!”

But as soon as he got to the top, Lybra saw him and said: “I’ve decided the punishment”, and blew him into pieces.

His soul returned to the Underworld, and Sphin wasn’t going to wait ANOTHER hour, so he said, “I’ll just eat you now.”

So, just because of a stupid boast, Sispharadalus ended up in Sphin’s tummy, dead.

MORAL; Don’t boast you’re better than Gods, or else you might get youself killed.