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Written by Jaxswim

Before there was anything, before there was water, space, mountains, or people, there were gods. 14 divine powers and their leader, Panse. One day, though back then there was no time, Panse declared that the gods were to create something to rule. They were to team up and create something out of their wisdom and power to rule over. Panse explained to the gods that whoever could create this thing to rule would be crowned the patron God & Goddess of their creation.

The gods teamed up right away and began to work while Panse watched over them. Every God paired with a Goddess of his choice. Right off the bat, it appeared that the pairs of Zala and Tek as well as Emera and Ist were in lead, each working on their own unique ideas. Panse was pleased with all of the Gods' hard work at his request. He did no work himself, as he was wise and old man with little energy left.

With all the gods working furiously on their finishing touches, Panse called "time". Hart and Jethra revealed their creation of water. Panse was pleased, but he felt something was missing. Next, Brash and Sune revealed their creation of dirt. Panse again was pleased, but felt something was missing. He went down the line and was given the creations of animals, fire, humans, and more. He still felt something was missing.

Suddenly, Emera and Ist were the only two left. They stepped forward, holding a marble-like mass. One by one, they added each of the creations to this mass. They added the water, the dirt, the animals, the humans, and everything else, until they had a round planet filled with life. Panse told the two that he was very pleased with them and told them they would be the rulers of this fine planet they now called "Earth". He then turned to the other 12 gods and told them that they would each share the rule over the creation that they made. And every god was happy, and everything was good.