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Brentor, son of Avonicus and Berrilia, and is the god of painters and art. He can be also called a god of the arts, one

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of the Enrichers, which is a group of deities who help promote the lives of Alexandomans.

Myths Involving Brentor[]

The Blessing of Brentor[]

12-year-old Brentor sat glumly in his throne room. He looked at his throne-a creaking, boring seat of glossy wood. He had represented nothing, as was the kind of the gods to represent something on the Alexandoman lands. He went to his father and asked if he could as of anything for significance. "I don't create as well as I study." replied Avonicus. He then went to his mother and asked the same question. "I don't create as well as I blossom." replied his mother. Brentor went sadly and a little angrily back to his throne. He looked at the sky of the Alexandomans below the heavens. It had previously rained, and a rainbow formed from the sky. "What beautiful colours," he said aloud to himself. Then he went down to the rainbow and scooped up a clod of the rainbow. The colours danced before his eyes. He tried showing his parents, but his father was teaching the mortals and his mother helping the mortals as well. Brentor got so upset, he went to the kitchen and smashed the rainbow clod with a stick. It split itself into an array of colours, and Brentor was shocked. He then called these colours in it's current form 'dye.' He mixed it together with water and had a pasty substance, where he created a wonderful picture of the world. And then paint was invented. He blessed it, and found something he could represent-the beauty of paint.