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Terrarian Pony Terrarian Pony 3 March 2021

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ATTENTION: This is Terrarian Pony, or Terran here. Now I understand that things have been tough, lately. Of course, there's the pandemic we have to worry about, and some... other major events that I will not get into, but also the most recent software update for the wiki community. I know I'm not the only one who has a problem with it, but I feel as though I am the only one saying anything. I have been talking to others, I will not name names here, and they also agree with me, that wiki is becoming more difficult to work with on editing pages. But I urge everyone to keep at it, and if you can, get the message out there, that attention is being dragged away from the wikis because of the recent update. It has continuously impeded on my editi…

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