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Berrilia is the goddess of flowers. She is the daughter of Athasia and Ajanix, and sister to Berrilium.

Flores de la Berrilia, by Francisco Juantez

Myths Involving Berrilia[]

The Beauties of the Flowers[]

Berrilia had been in love with the most beautiful man in Alexandonium. That man had gone out with her several times, and they both were happy.

When Berrilia's boyfriend had asked her to create a flower for him, she did. 'Oh, that is beautiful.' the boyfriend would say. Then he'd ask her to make more. By the time she'd covered millions of acres of flowers. Then she fainted.

When she woke up, it was a bright day. She tried flying, but she couldn't do it. All her godly powers were gone. She was a regular mortal. She began to cry, and her tears made the flowers form a great stalk to the heavens. She began to climb the stalk, and when she reached the heavens, she cried to her mother Athasia, who granted her immortality, but added thorns to the rose, which reminded Berrilia of the protection of the flower, but also its beauty.