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Avonicus is one of the cheif dieties of Alexandoman Mythology. He is the god of knowledge and education, which Alexandonium prides itself on. The Thinker, a sculpture by Auguste Rodin, is thought to be a protrayal of Avonicus. He is the son of Alphania and Letterium.

Myths Involving Avonicus

The Thinker is thought to be a portrayal of Avonicus.

The Birth of Avonicus

On a stormy, gray day, the world rejoiced. Even the clouds whispered to each other 'The knowledge one is born.' Avonicus had been born to the goddess Alphania and to the mortal Letterium. Immediately, Avonicus started speaking all the languages of the world. In Latin, he spoke, "Let the sky rejoice for the golden one." And the sky turned golden for the rest of the day, and not a drop of rain went on that day.

The Invention that Changed the World

Avonicus had finally figured out something. Alexandonium was in dire need of something that could keep records-then Avonicus found it-writing. He fashioned a sheet of iron and a shard of a sword. He began to write symbols, and one by one, they glowed with a golden light. He called this word system alphabet, after his mother Alphania. And the letters (after his father, Letterium) were invented.